Panis-Barthez Competition visit with HYT - Photo ReportAnyone who's have you ever been to a car race with a circuit knows the experience in your stomach when race cars passing too quickly. The noise of the engines roaring that echoes away from the concrete walls in the tribune is really intense you are feeling it in every inch of the body. That, paired up with the smell of high-octane fuel along with the heat from the bright sunshine produce a feeling you seldom forget. Due to HYT along with the Panis-Barthez Competition we just received our dose earlier this weekend on the Red Bull Ring in Austria, coming from all places. We got an invite from HYT to go to their partner Panis-Barthez Competition who's racing within the European Le Mans Series.Panis-Barthez CompetitionSports fans know the names Panis and Barthez I'm certain. rolex pocket watch The 2 main people who just love the c's are Formula 1 driver and 1996 F1 Monaco Grand Prix winner Olivier Panis and European and World Cup Champion, football goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. It might take us the latest article simply to list the achievements those two fine sportsmen had throughout their "previous" careers. In 2016 their new team, the Panis-Barthez Competition entered the eu Le Mans Series. Both of them are seasoned race car drivers participating in races such as the GT Series plus the Porsche Carrera Cup simply to mention a few. Panis regarding his decades of expertise in car racing is becoming the Manager, while Barthez is behind the wheel of the Ligier JS P2017. The team races with both LMP2 and LMP3 category cars.HYTFor a French team including the Panis-Barthez Competition you could are yet to wanted a much better partner than HYT. A brandname that is certainly linked with France using a thousand ways rolex submariner blue , despite the presence of their production in Switzerland, feels like an excellent fit to Panis-Barthez, and they also surely are. Both HYT and Panis-Barthez are independent in her own field. Similar background, similar drive to obtain and, surprisingly, pretty similar technology (somewhat). Barthez is a fan on the HYT H1 Ghost, he was sporting one during our chat in their motorhome at the paddock prior to a race. An HYT is additionally on his gloves as a decal. Olivier Panis however includes a taste to the "classic" HYT look. He wears an HYT Skull Bad Boy, a very good looking watch with true HYT DNA.European Le Mans SeriesOne thing I took home by himself was and comfortable and friendly atmosphere within the workshop. Sometimes when you visit certain teams as a journalist you should become invisible. Be aware of your position, what to photograph, whom to talk to etc. It was nothing can beat that here. Everyone around the team was nice and friendly to all of us, showed us around, and explained that this cars work. Basically treated us like old friends. Nothing was forbidden and the effect can result in the astonishing photos you see below. The European Le Mans Series is much small compared to the FIA WEC certainly, the teams are privately owned and self-financed. Drivers spend teams in order that they may devote their cars plus the teams pay as a way to race inside series.We had an enjoyable experience using the Panis Barthez Competition as well as that we are truly thankful with the wonderful people there as well as at HYT watches .Special thanks to Cloe Biessy and Didier Paris for making our stay memorable. However, reported by users, a picture tells a lot of words so and not using a further ado please enjoy the amazing photos of our own own Bert: replica antique gold watches
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